About our company:

IgniteWP Cloud was developed by a team of professionals who have over 15 years in optimized servers, managed WordPress Hosting, and Web Development. Our team is international and are the best devs in the world (our humble unbiased opinion at least). We are always striving to improve our platform and have many of the same clients that were there from the beginning in 2006. Our clients are happy people and we love it that way. 

This platform was birthed from frustration with WP Multisite limitations and the clunky over-priced WP site and server management software available today. We don't believe in the pricing model of cPanel and the crazy high pricing of Gridpane. So IgniteWP is a balanced approach to WordPress Hosting.  

While our main focus is WordPress, we also make it available to our clients to launch OctoberCMS and Nextcloud sites. There is much more to come. Please stay tuned!

Thank you for using IgniteWP!
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