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Latest "White Glove" Client Sites Scores

Our White Glove clients get the advantage of our optimization and premium plugins, all included in their package. These clients are very happy with the results.

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Our hosting servers are switching to Upcloud

While we will still offering IgniteWP servers through Vultr, we are switching our PremiumWP single site hosting to Upcloud. Upcloud is known as the worlds fastest cloud and has put up some very good results in our tests. We feel that this should be enjoyed by our clients as well. Forms submissions, notifications, and subscriptions […]

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Your own server with IgniteWP Panel

Having your own server with our server stack and our IgniteWP Control Panel is the best setup possible. You will have some amazing features at your fingertips. Premium WordPress Hosting:We focus on WordPress and strive to make it the fastest possible and give our clients the tools they need to have a wonderful hosting experience. […]

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Spring 2021 Special Promotion

So many people have requested for us to allow them to test our platform before committing to hosting their WordPress with us. Now we are 100% sure if you test our platform you will love our platform. So we are doing just that, allowing new customers a free month to test our platform. Just register […]

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Server speed is important!

There are so many hosting companies and many claiming to focused on WordPress. While this may be true these hosting companies are providers many times using the old HDD servers, if you don't see SSD, NVMe, or MaxIOPS, We don't recommend using them. There are many good tools to test the server response time. This […]

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